Sunday, January 1, 2012


Replay of the movie called 2011.

New year.Resolutions.Hope.
Fun with cousins.Missed D's party.
New semester. No radium Potassium. Relief.
Incident'11.Reach way too early and wait for friends. Roam around campus with cousin. Potpourri.Dumb charades.Taste the worst burger. Lunch at RedRocks :D . war of DJ's.
Birthdays.Surprises.Treats.Cake smashing.Cleaning.
Forever in Forever. Bunk afternoon 1st hour.
Anandotsav. Team Thorana's Birth. Decorating college with footprints.
Ace day.Microsoft DreamSparkYatra. Team thermolcol :D Last minute farewell preparations for seniors. Fun.
Exam fever. Exams done.Holidays. :D
Go Mumbai :D
Marine Drive.Awesome.Awesome.
Double Decker bus. Vada pav's. Fast train. Slow train. Crazy shopping. Vajreshwari. Hot water springs. VT.Sea link. Juhu :D
Gain some kilos :)
Career confusions.Placement  fever.
New semester. Final year.To-do lists.
Placement. Placement.Companies to arrive earlier. We warned you. We gave to CTC training. blah. blah.
Submit seminar abstract.Submit project title. In between study for placement.
First year orientation. Boogie Woogie :D
Elections. Politics. Shit.
Hectic first month.
Pre-placement talks. 'Feel' employable.
Hurt somebody. Got hurt. Irritated. Mess. Aargh moments.

I can hear crackers bursting! 12.00.1-1-2012. HAPPY NEW YEAR !

Company arrives. D day. Company says tata. Emotional outburst.
Next one comes. YAAY. Am IN. MINDTREE it is :D
Jan lokepal. Bunk.Go rallying.Get screwed.
Tech Nidarshan. Labryinth. Get addicted. One the most awesome things to happen in 2011. Thankyou team labryinth.
TN comes. Zestifiedv2.0. :D Won second in poster designing :D Hogged. Stephen devassy concert. Tapori dance. Scream Fun. Awesome 3 days!
Bunk. Get caught by principal. Drama.
First time to shacks. Bun palti :D
Celebrated Birthday with project evaluations and mini projects. Unique experience. Someone asking why chocolate? It's my Birthday fool! Project stress does all this!
Lab sessionals. Seminars. Tests. Hectic.
Go out with friends. My surprise birthday celebrations :D Hog. Go to beach. FUN!!
Study holidays! (means zero studying)
Cousins marriage. Enjoyment. No studying.
Exams come. Exams Go.Holidays again.
Results. I cleared ALL :D
Go out for dinner with family.Last day of 2011.

That was 2011 for me. There were bad times, disappointments and of course learning the hard way but there were good times too! And they outnumbered the bad ones =)SO, 2011 wad good for me, way better than 2010 :D

2012, i know not what you have in store for me or the world. But i do know there are going to a lot of goodbye's and some major decisions to be made. I hope they are not going to be real tough.

I pray 2012 brings with it peace,happiness, joy and all that you wish for and more! HAPPY NEW YEAR folks!!

Nostradamus, Mayans, I hope all of you just got your calculations WRONG!!


  1. Wonderful! so much in a year!

    Interesting is the way you penned down your year.
    Fabulous post.

  2. @Rupertt wind
    Thanks!! Yeah, so much but it never feels so much when you look back. =)

  3. I will tentatively agree to that 'Panther'

    Its not because your life was any less eventful than others (In-fact yours were quite full!, but its the way time works for everyone everywhere.