Saturday, January 15, 2011


Yet another deceiving title! If u thought it has something to do with the movie then you got me wrong! :P It’s a recap (A collection of snippets of each month.)  of the year gone by, 2010. It’s gone and the only memories remain, some sweet, some bitter. And I believe that’s the rule of life.  It gives you a mixture of sweet and bitter moments and without the bitter ones you don’t realize the value of sweet ones. We need to learn from the bitter ones and cherish the sweet ones.  Easier said than done though!

January saw me attending the ethical hacking and security camp. Though not much went into the brain it was a good experience overall esp. the story sessions :P On sleepy afternoons we got to listen to many interesting real life incidents of the mentor which were equally interesting and  awesome to listen to. And yeah, I’m a sucker for stories :P Anytime, any story and am all ears to listen to it.  One thing I came to know from them was even though you drop out or get kicked out of college you can still get a job J

How important it is to count the heads when you are in a crowd and planning to enter a bus , how missing out a person can land you in troubles you could never think of, how hard it is to track a person with cell phone in switched off mode, how the campus looks so huge when you’re searching for a person, how you skip out the obvious locations and only think of hi-fi one’s while searching, and much more is what I realized on  19-02-10, What a day it was!! Yes, one of the most unforgettable day!!

My little property on the net, this blog rolled out in March. But the habit of blogging has still not kick started in me and I continue to be very irregular in posting L  DSY , rose day and traditional day, 2nd time entry into the hostel  were some other  good times apart from these march and April were months when I emotionally down.

With May being the month of exams , studying and trying to get a 9 pointer(one of the mistakes!!) was the focus of the month.

Come june and the transition of the wave of life from 0 to 1, not abruptly but gradually was a great thing to ask for J The days spent in Bangalore, in mango were the best ever! June and July, The best months of the year!!  

Into pre final year , the beginning of a new sem , an year senior = Aug! Was a little happy to know radium potassium was handling only labs and not any theory subject for us but only later did I realize that even lab was more than enough to get screwed!

Highlight of September : branch elections and the dirty politics, the Combined Branch inauguration (which meant no official ragging L )

October’s for the watery engineer’s memory! Missing the stop, getting drenched completely, reaching late, registrations getting closed by the time we reached and luckily or unluckily  the events we wanted to participate got cancelled due to rains. Attended India innovates, hogged, roamed and returned back! That was how messy Engineer was for us, just like a typical engineering students life :P

November, the sexiest month ;) Second best after JJ J A separate post on it coming soon! J

December, the month of exams. This time getting over earlier meant we were free during New Year for the first time In 3 years J Vacations meant I only got rusty and none of my plans and to-do items worked!

That was 2010 for me! A non periodic sine waveish year! :P

This time in 2011, I hope to see my blog with a new template designed by me! Wanted to do it during this vacation but procrastination and rustiness pushed it forward. L  Also, at least a post or two in every month!

Personally, I want to be an organized person and one who doesn’t worry about grades! 0% cheating in exams is what I want to make a reality! Tried this last year and could achieve it to some extent and happy for that! J Altogether, I wanna be a better person.


  1. Ah.. New year resolutions and the like.. Always make for good blog posts. Thank you again for joining the Unofficial Manipal University Blog. Hope to see some posts there as well :)

  2. Why are there so many "J"s in this post?

  3. @Manipal Blog
    Thank you! :)
    Hopefully, sometime soon..

    Two = many?
    jj= june july.
    Dint want to strain my fingers writing the full thing :P (to be read as laziness)

  4. No there are more than two.. i think its my browser.

    Also update!

  5. And i figured out the reason for so many j's.. In some browsers the smileys show up as J

  6. Awwww...nice:):):)

    As I read u transported me there and made me experience al those moments again makin me wonder how fast time ticks wen i feel thy hpnd nly ystrdy!!!

    BTW instead of wastin our last vacatns-y dnt we start implementin the stuffs in the to-do list?!!

  7. @Anonymous: Thankyou! Glad you liked it!

    So many memories linked to you. =))
    who's wasting? tell me where and when, am in always but dont ask me to plan.. =)

    Thanks for commenting =)
    Btw, u have a nice name why dont u use it in place of anonymous..

  8. Ah! Those days.

    I had goosebumps by the time I was reading the last line. So much has happened since then. So much more will happen but undoubtedly those days were the best days of my life and I'm glad we were a part of it.