Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Someone…, You…, IF…...

Life is full of turns and twists, filled with happiness and sorrows. Life is not a fairytale or a movie with a happy ending where the hero singlehandedly fights through everything and tastes success no matter what happens. There are times in life when we are filled with emotions that can't be handled by us alone, times when certain things make you go insane and you feel you have lost all your wisdom, times when u feel you have nothing left here to live, times when you feel like burying yourself somewhere deep down so that you don't have to face the world; the people, times when you feel you're not worth anything to anyone.
Bad times.
At such times you need

Someone to whom you feel like pouring your heart out to
We, sometimes try to make ourselves and others believe that there's 'nothing' that's affecting us but,
Someone know there's 'something' hidden behind all your 'nothing`s'

At times we behave like stubborn mules, make our mind up to not let anything out and yet,
U feel
Someone knows the way to your mind better than u do!
They manage to extract words out of you so easily as if they were raindrops falling out of dark heavy clouds, ready to pour and make you feel a lot lighter…

Though we don't feel like, we smile and make everything seem ok. But,
Someone can sense something is wrong even when you are trying to smile
Someone knows what our 'I don't knows' mean..
and you know the list..
IF, you have met that
someone in your life then u need to know that someone is very very SPECIAL and is one who needs to be treasured!!

P.S: LOVE to all my special someone's! U all mean a lot to me!


  1. ohhh that was cute.. m sure all you special someones would be really flattered..PS My ring tone , when my husband calls is pink panther :)

  2. Awww that was such a nice post. So very true that you need someone to turn to :)

  3. @sulagna
    Flattering them was not my intention, btw =)
    ringtone thing is a nice coincidence!


  4. Your blog eats my comments!!!
    Its definitely one of the special something blog..

  5. @divinediu
    could u pls comment again..

    Am sorry abt the eating part.. cant do anything much though:P

  6. Too goood........ :) (Extra 'O',justifies)..