Sunday, March 20, 2011

Why I hate radio buttons....

How easy is it for you to choose something from the radio buttons? Especially when you badly want to select more than one and making you think, damn, why both of them are on the list or why can we select only one?? If you are one among those who can click one easily in spite of being in such a situation then Hats off to you!! And to all others we are on the same boat.

In less than one and half years from now I will be in a situation (I hope not) wherein I’ll have to choose one among the many paths available. Sometimes I wonder why there are so many options. Having only 1 and having to stick to it would have been much easier. But somehow that doesn’t happen which means many of us including me left in this dilemma of choosing the better over the best.
The only other time I can think of when I have gone through this is during the cet counselling. I had the option of choosing one college near home (NMAMIT, nitte) and couple of other better colleges (Bms, Jc etc) with the same branch option but  far away from home. It’s always easier to have someone else decide for you, innit? But this time my parents added to the confusion, My mom was for the one near home and dad kept telling me to choose the better college. I ended up taking the one near home for the simplest reason that I could stay at home and that I would know a lot of people already so the fresher problem of not knowing anyone and stuff like that wouldn’t be there. And yeah I have no regrets of choosing it.
SO in one and half yr I’ll be a graduate in computer science and engineering field. Then I would   have to choose between Job or higher studies? ‘Yes’ to job would mean further inroads and yes to higher studies would mean i’ll have to score a good percentile in GATE or any other entrance exam for Mtech.
Now, why higher studies mean only Mtech? (This decision was taken at the time of drafting :D ) The option would have MBA. I don’t see the point of doing mba just after graduation. At least after two years of work experience would be perfect! U would know how the company functions, what are the skills u posses, what position u would like to be in and maybe the choice of stream would also be easier..(That’s what I feel :P) and couple of my seniors n others have also advised the same. That’s how mba was ruled out. And for MS, i was told it’s good if it’s done abroad. So that ruled out am left with mtech as the only option. But even after Mtech i wouldn’t want to work as a lecturer, I would still want to join some company.
Job like I said would mean further inroads. Placements would be the easiest way out. Or should I join civil services. A yes to that would mean I would have to write another exam.
Confusion. Confusion and more confusion.
The more I think of it, the more confused I am. Hopefully it’ll clear out soon.

That’s the reason why i hate Radio buttons... Check boxes, you are awesome!! ;) 


  1. Do whatever u love to(again Radio button o Checkbox...?) & moreover only one odd year left of clear it soon....actually am also confused after reading this

  2. well yeah i need to clear it soon..and that's the reason i wrote this post.. stuff are pretty much clear not entirely though..
    Maybe am spreading the confusion through this post :P:P

  3. Don't let others confuse you, you can confuse yourself, that is allowed...:p What are radio buttons?

  4. Confusion can drive one nuts so i would tell don't let anyone confuse you, not even you.. :P But it's so hard to not let it happen..

    These ( )are radio buttons :P

  5. hey PP! =)

    Dude... My perspective is .. your confusion is directly proportional to the number of people deciding your career.

    If you think in terms of entrance tests, degrees etc, about what you will be ending up as, toh aur dikkat aur confusion hogi..

    And stop whining about 'radio buttons', a chick who is pro in microprocessors et al shouldn't be so afraid of such petty things :p

  6. life thy name is confusion :) like your honest

  7. Hmmm!! Why do you want to study further? That's what I am confused about now :)

    Is that something that interests you or influenced?

    MS is certainly a good option, but you ruled it out already. M.Tech., I haven't seen much difference in the salary of people who are M.Tech. or position too. MBA, you are right, it makes more sense to do it post some work experience...

  8. @chintan Actually influenced. Bad, i know. And i hate to accept it but that is the reality.

    I feel sometimes it's okay to do something for your parents.