Friday, December 31, 2010

UPDATE!!! (The drama, excuses for not updating :P)

[Day before my last exam of this sem]

I open my home page and see this comment from xyzandme "WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU!" and I immediately made up my mind to write a post soon after I go offline! But the procrastination worm seems to play a significant role in my decisions and ate this whole idea up. Sigh! L and the guilt of doing things other than studying also added to it and I decided to write one after the exam the next day!

24/12/2010 (ENTER)[headache worm :P]

The exam goes pretty well not great though and after a nice chat in the canteen and bus with friends I reach home. I took a short nap and woke up feeling all groggy. Short nap = Half sleep and headache worm has entered! Tralalala :P All plans cancelled And I slept for the rest of the evening J

25\26/12/2010 (ENTER) [Enjoyment worm :P]

Off to my granny's house and with my cousins coming down it really awesome! We cut cake. I got to play cricket after a long time. I learnt to play tt a bit. We watched movies! With all the pj's getting cracked the fun in watching a movie with cousins is totally different! We hogged! 2 days of much needed fun after exams had blocked up my grey cells :P

And, for the rest of the days it laziness worm that kept me away from blogger! I finally managed to get my brain cleared from all the worms and am here with a lame post..

I plan to write a series of posts of stuff that kept me way J A promise I make to myself. Hope I live upto it.

HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance to y'all.


  1. abe tere mein kitnay keede bhare hai!!:p
    Am glad that you are back..
    keep updating just anything!

    Even a 5 to 7 lines are enough for a blog post..
    But keep updating... make it an habit.

  2. haha! Managed to clear them all.. :P

    making it an habit is one of my resolutions for the year.. :D