Saturday, September 18, 2010

The end of ‘MANGO’ season

This is a post from my drafts. In fact I had started writing this even before the previous one but left it unfinished. And now, since I can't think of anything to write about and more importantly this post deserves a place on my blog and so it is here =)

I was reading an article on on how to form habits, and this is what was said there –

Do it, no matter how badly. Want to form the habit of blogging? Write a quick and dirty post that takes five minutes of writing, no proofreading or formatting. Quality doesn't matter when you're forming habits — doing it matters.
Immediately I decided I had to write and since am writing it for myself it doesn't matter much if it's great. All that matters is I should write.

Now, coming to the post, this mango season was simply awesome! Never I had imagined it would be so nice and I would be doing something productive in my holidays. I had the rare honor of getting to stay with the 'BANGLORE KING', a close friend of mine. Thanks to aunty and uncle who arranged for the internship and made sure we got a nice PG to stay in.

Now if you are wondering what this mango is, this is the place where we interned. A small company of around 25 employees which majorly develops mobile applications on android platform. We worked under KP Singh, a person with 20+ yr's of industrial experience. Apart from tech knowledge, the knowledge he had about of other things was amazing and he made sure he shared it with us! We used to call it kpgyan! He was a environment conscious person, followed what he preached and was very keen to learn new things! He made us feel very comfortable from the beginning and treated us like a part of mango! But we learnt coding and work was assigned to us by venky, A really sweet and patient person. He never minded explaining things to us any number of times and correcting the simplest errors sometimes. Then there was

ram sir, the bubbliest and cheerful person there.

Nalin, The `what's up` guy.

Anup,The one who used to come with a parle-G packet and would sit cross legged and a jacket on the chair.

Mohit,aka Mojo.

Jason,The designer guy!

Vineesh, a one yr intern who used to smile and cough and rarely speak.

Na'M'itha,the one with whom we had max fun, teased her, irritated her.

Sahil,the iit guy who dropped tea on his laptop which made tea times after that gr8.

Pammi, a new joinee who was funny and cute!

Manohar, the guy who won the table discussion.

Pratik, mohan and others whom we used to meet on our way back from lunch.

Edward, the one who used to usually open the door for us!

Tea times were teasing and relaxing fun. The whole company used to gather on the verandah and have tea together. We also had lunches there, played table tennis (my first time), used the unlimited internet to the max, did Yoga for only 2 days but complained the whole time. Memories, all awesome =)

Now, the place where we stayed, a pg which was just 20 min by walk from mango! To get such a nice place and convenient place to stay in blore is really a great thing. I must say we were really really lucky. The facilities except for food were good. We had posh rooms, attached posh toilets, hot water heaters and the room was cleaned by the maids almost daily =) the food, esp the dinner was bad! But then everything can rarely be good at a place, something should be compromised. Half a month we had a roomie and rest of the time we were the only ones.

The weekends were the best part of the stay! Visited almost all the malls. Went to mantri mall for continuously 3 days and got sick of it! Forum mall and a ccd nearby it where we had a get together and spend hr's talking without being kicked out =) Another get together with family and inception movie in theatre! Bangalore central, big bazaar and the Rs.5 tender coconuts near silk board! Brigade road and Kfc where I couldn't eat because of my stomach's horrible state!

Barbeque nations was one of the awesome food places we went to. Took a little wandering around to reach the place but the 12hr fast and wandering was totally worth it in the end! A food buffet with awesome collection of food which tasted excellent and the hospitality was excellent too! Wised we had extra stomachs to taste all the stuff they provided. Moghal treat, a place near mango where we sometimes had our lunch. The best part about this place was the waiter who made it a point to always smile before he went to any table! And it had funny dishes like 'kastury kabab' :P Grilled sandwiches in ganesh juice centre(juices were bad here) was another awesome lunch option. But since I dint like having sandwiches for lunch, I would usually have curd rice in Krishna sagar, the place which gave stomach problems. Would never mind walking an extra mile to eat the freshly prepared paani puris near M.K Ahemed's(a supermarket, timepass hangout).

The last two days of the stay we did a lot..Drank tea from a road side gudanngadi in small cups which looked like vodka shots, sang out loud while walking on the street, went to sher khan late in the evening and ate a full grilled chicken, clicked crazy videos, got a superb sendoff, Mango t-shirts as mementos. How could they guess we wanted them? And the final goodbye's with mixed emotions.

This was One of my best vacations ever and best ever Bangalore trip. Fun, learning, good experience etc. it had everything. Thanks again to Bangalore king, aunty, uncle, google maps & Bangalore latlong service which helped us reach our dest correctly(well, most of the times) and mango for letting us intern there.


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