Monday, April 13, 2015

He loved her too.

She had given him her all. As much love, care and affection he deserved and she could give, she bestowed upon him.  During times of despair, times in need of help, in times of delight, during celebrations, any time he called out to her, She was there. She was the one he counted on and she never disappointed. Never. She was indeed happy that he chose her. To be by his side, make him smile, see smile curve up his lips, she loved his company. She loved him.

He was level headed, quiet type but had a charm of his own. She would text and chat with him like any other. But over the years she fell for him, his wit , his charm had created a magical music for her. The tunes of which were sweet and beautiful. She believed she had reached his heart. She had, definitely. But he never looked within his shell. A shell he never knew existed, a shell he always listened to, his man made heart. He cared for her, just like any other, he told, he believed.

A `Yes` was what he missed.

He was to wed in a few weeks.

But, He loved her too.

One `Yes` he will always miss.
One `Yes` he was too late to.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

55 Fiction : Committed

Sitting on the couch, sipping a drink, He was waiting for her.
Tuning in to “Tonight’s gonna be a good night” he smiled with hope.
Heart skipped a beat, she had entered.
He made his way through the crowd to her.
I love you, he said.
Committed, she replied.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Replay of the movie called 2011.

New year.Resolutions.Hope.
Fun with cousins.Missed D's party.
New semester. No radium Potassium. Relief.
Incident'11.Reach way too early and wait for friends. Roam around campus with cousin. Potpourri.Dumb charades.Taste the worst burger. Lunch at RedRocks :D . war of DJ's.
Birthdays.Surprises.Treats.Cake smashing.Cleaning.
Forever in Forever. Bunk afternoon 1st hour.
Anandotsav. Team Thorana's Birth. Decorating college with footprints.
Ace day.Microsoft DreamSparkYatra. Team thermolcol :D Last minute farewell preparations for seniors. Fun.
Exam fever. Exams done.Holidays. :D
Go Mumbai :D
Marine Drive.Awesome.Awesome.
Double Decker bus. Vada pav's. Fast train. Slow train. Crazy shopping. Vajreshwari. Hot water springs. VT.Sea link. Juhu :D
Gain some kilos :)
Career confusions.Placement  fever.
New semester. Final year.To-do lists.
Placement. Placement.Companies to arrive earlier. We warned you. We gave to CTC training. blah. blah.
Submit seminar abstract.Submit project title. In between study for placement.
First year orientation. Boogie Woogie :D
Elections. Politics. Shit.
Hectic first month.
Pre-placement talks. 'Feel' employable.
Hurt somebody. Got hurt. Irritated. Mess. Aargh moments.

I can hear crackers bursting! 12.00.1-1-2012. HAPPY NEW YEAR !

Company arrives. D day. Company says tata. Emotional outburst.
Next one comes. YAAY. Am IN. MINDTREE it is :D
Jan lokepal. Bunk.Go rallying.Get screwed.
Tech Nidarshan. Labryinth. Get addicted. One the most awesome things to happen in 2011. Thankyou team labryinth.
TN comes. Zestifiedv2.0. :D Won second in poster designing :D Hogged. Stephen devassy concert. Tapori dance. Scream Fun. Awesome 3 days!
Bunk. Get caught by principal. Drama.
First time to shacks. Bun palti :D
Celebrated Birthday with project evaluations and mini projects. Unique experience. Someone asking why chocolate? It's my Birthday fool! Project stress does all this!
Lab sessionals. Seminars. Tests. Hectic.
Go out with friends. My surprise birthday celebrations :D Hog. Go to beach. FUN!!
Study holidays! (means zero studying)
Cousins marriage. Enjoyment. No studying.
Exams come. Exams Go.Holidays again.
Results. I cleared ALL :D
Go out for dinner with family.Last day of 2011.

That was 2011 for me. There were bad times, disappointments and of course learning the hard way but there were good times too! And they outnumbered the bad ones =)SO, 2011 wad good for me, way better than 2010 :D

2012, i know not what you have in store for me or the world. But i do know there are going to a lot of goodbye's and some major decisions to be made. I hope they are not going to be real tough.

I pray 2012 brings with it peace,happiness, joy and all that you wish for and more! HAPPY NEW YEAR folks!!

Nostradamus, Mayans, I hope all of you just got your calculations WRONG!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Why I hate radio buttons....

How easy is it for you to choose something from the radio buttons? Especially when you badly want to select more than one and making you think, damn, why both of them are on the list or why can we select only one?? If you are one among those who can click one easily in spite of being in such a situation then Hats off to you!! And to all others we are on the same boat.

In less than one and half years from now I will be in a situation (I hope not) wherein I’ll have to choose one among the many paths available. Sometimes I wonder why there are so many options. Having only 1 and having to stick to it would have been much easier. But somehow that doesn’t happen which means many of us including me left in this dilemma of choosing the better over the best.
The only other time I can think of when I have gone through this is during the cet counselling. I had the option of choosing one college near home (NMAMIT, nitte) and couple of other better colleges (Bms, Jc etc) with the same branch option but  far away from home. It’s always easier to have someone else decide for you, innit? But this time my parents added to the confusion, My mom was for the one near home and dad kept telling me to choose the better college. I ended up taking the one near home for the simplest reason that I could stay at home and that I would know a lot of people already so the fresher problem of not knowing anyone and stuff like that wouldn’t be there. And yeah I have no regrets of choosing it.
SO in one and half yr I’ll be a graduate in computer science and engineering field. Then I would   have to choose between Job or higher studies? ‘Yes’ to job would mean further inroads and yes to higher studies would mean i’ll have to score a good percentile in GATE or any other entrance exam for Mtech.
Now, why higher studies mean only Mtech? (This decision was taken at the time of drafting :D ) The option would have MBA. I don’t see the point of doing mba just after graduation. At least after two years of work experience would be perfect! U would know how the company functions, what are the skills u posses, what position u would like to be in and maybe the choice of stream would also be easier..(That’s what I feel :P) and couple of my seniors n others have also advised the same. That’s how mba was ruled out. And for MS, i was told it’s good if it’s done abroad. So that ruled out am left with mtech as the only option. But even after Mtech i wouldn’t want to work as a lecturer, I would still want to join some company.
Job like I said would mean further inroads. Placements would be the easiest way out. Or should I join civil services. A yes to that would mean I would have to write another exam.
Confusion. Confusion and more confusion.
The more I think of it, the more confused I am. Hopefully it’ll clear out soon.

That’s the reason why i hate Radio buttons... Check boxes, you are awesome!! ;) 

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Yet another deceiving title! If u thought it has something to do with the movie then you got me wrong! :P It’s a recap (A collection of snippets of each month.)  of the year gone by, 2010. It’s gone and the only memories remain, some sweet, some bitter. And I believe that’s the rule of life.  It gives you a mixture of sweet and bitter moments and without the bitter ones you don’t realize the value of sweet ones. We need to learn from the bitter ones and cherish the sweet ones.  Easier said than done though!

January saw me attending the ethical hacking and security camp. Though not much went into the brain it was a good experience overall esp. the story sessions :P On sleepy afternoons we got to listen to many interesting real life incidents of the mentor which were equally interesting and  awesome to listen to. And yeah, I’m a sucker for stories :P Anytime, any story and am all ears to listen to it.  One thing I came to know from them was even though you drop out or get kicked out of college you can still get a job J

How important it is to count the heads when you are in a crowd and planning to enter a bus , how missing out a person can land you in troubles you could never think of, how hard it is to track a person with cell phone in switched off mode, how the campus looks so huge when you’re searching for a person, how you skip out the obvious locations and only think of hi-fi one’s while searching, and much more is what I realized on  19-02-10, What a day it was!! Yes, one of the most unforgettable day!!

My little property on the net, this blog rolled out in March. But the habit of blogging has still not kick started in me and I continue to be very irregular in posting L  DSY , rose day and traditional day, 2nd time entry into the hostel  were some other  good times apart from these march and April were months when I emotionally down.

With May being the month of exams , studying and trying to get a 9 pointer(one of the mistakes!!) was the focus of the month.

Come june and the transition of the wave of life from 0 to 1, not abruptly but gradually was a great thing to ask for J The days spent in Bangalore, in mango were the best ever! June and July, The best months of the year!!  

Into pre final year , the beginning of a new sem , an year senior = Aug! Was a little happy to know radium potassium was handling only labs and not any theory subject for us but only later did I realize that even lab was more than enough to get screwed!

Highlight of September : branch elections and the dirty politics, the Combined Branch inauguration (which meant no official ragging L )

October’s for the watery engineer’s memory! Missing the stop, getting drenched completely, reaching late, registrations getting closed by the time we reached and luckily or unluckily  the events we wanted to participate got cancelled due to rains. Attended India innovates, hogged, roamed and returned back! That was how messy Engineer was for us, just like a typical engineering students life :P

November, the sexiest month ;) Second best after JJ J A separate post on it coming soon! J

December, the month of exams. This time getting over earlier meant we were free during New Year for the first time In 3 years J Vacations meant I only got rusty and none of my plans and to-do items worked!

That was 2010 for me! A non periodic sine waveish year! :P

This time in 2011, I hope to see my blog with a new template designed by me! Wanted to do it during this vacation but procrastination and rustiness pushed it forward. L  Also, at least a post or two in every month!

Personally, I want to be an organized person and one who doesn’t worry about grades! 0% cheating in exams is what I want to make a reality! Tried this last year and could achieve it to some extent and happy for that! J Altogether, I wanna be a better person.

Friday, December 31, 2010

UPDATE!!! (The drama, excuses for not updating :P)

[Day before my last exam of this sem]

I open my home page and see this comment from xyzandme "WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU!" and I immediately made up my mind to write a post soon after I go offline! But the procrastination worm seems to play a significant role in my decisions and ate this whole idea up. Sigh! L and the guilt of doing things other than studying also added to it and I decided to write one after the exam the next day!

24/12/2010 (ENTER)[headache worm :P]

The exam goes pretty well not great though and after a nice chat in the canteen and bus with friends I reach home. I took a short nap and woke up feeling all groggy. Short nap = Half sleep and headache worm has entered! Tralalala :P All plans cancelled And I slept for the rest of the evening J

25\26/12/2010 (ENTER) [Enjoyment worm :P]

Off to my granny's house and with my cousins coming down it really awesome! We cut cake. I got to play cricket after a long time. I learnt to play tt a bit. We watched movies! With all the pj's getting cracked the fun in watching a movie with cousins is totally different! We hogged! 2 days of much needed fun after exams had blocked up my grey cells :P

And, for the rest of the days it laziness worm that kept me away from blogger! I finally managed to get my brain cleared from all the worms and am here with a lame post..

I plan to write a series of posts of stuff that kept me way J A promise I make to myself. Hope I live upto it.

HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance to y'all.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The end of ‘MANGO’ season

This is a post from my drafts. In fact I had started writing this even before the previous one but left it unfinished. And now, since I can't think of anything to write about and more importantly this post deserves a place on my blog and so it is here =)

I was reading an article on on how to form habits, and this is what was said there –

Do it, no matter how badly. Want to form the habit of blogging? Write a quick and dirty post that takes five minutes of writing, no proofreading or formatting. Quality doesn't matter when you're forming habits — doing it matters.
Immediately I decided I had to write and since am writing it for myself it doesn't matter much if it's great. All that matters is I should write.

Now, coming to the post, this mango season was simply awesome! Never I had imagined it would be so nice and I would be doing something productive in my holidays. I had the rare honor of getting to stay with the 'BANGLORE KING', a close friend of mine. Thanks to aunty and uncle who arranged for the internship and made sure we got a nice PG to stay in.

Now if you are wondering what this mango is, this is the place where we interned. A small company of around 25 employees which majorly develops mobile applications on android platform. We worked under KP Singh, a person with 20+ yr's of industrial experience. Apart from tech knowledge, the knowledge he had about of other things was amazing and he made sure he shared it with us! We used to call it kpgyan! He was a environment conscious person, followed what he preached and was very keen to learn new things! He made us feel very comfortable from the beginning and treated us like a part of mango! But we learnt coding and work was assigned to us by venky, A really sweet and patient person. He never minded explaining things to us any number of times and correcting the simplest errors sometimes. Then there was

ram sir, the bubbliest and cheerful person there.

Nalin, The `what's up` guy.

Anup,The one who used to come with a parle-G packet and would sit cross legged and a jacket on the chair.

Mohit,aka Mojo.

Jason,The designer guy!

Vineesh, a one yr intern who used to smile and cough and rarely speak.

Na'M'itha,the one with whom we had max fun, teased her, irritated her.

Sahil,the iit guy who dropped tea on his laptop which made tea times after that gr8.

Pammi, a new joinee who was funny and cute!

Manohar, the guy who won the table discussion.

Pratik, mohan and others whom we used to meet on our way back from lunch.

Edward, the one who used to usually open the door for us!

Tea times were teasing and relaxing fun. The whole company used to gather on the verandah and have tea together. We also had lunches there, played table tennis (my first time), used the unlimited internet to the max, did Yoga for only 2 days but complained the whole time. Memories, all awesome =)

Now, the place where we stayed, a pg which was just 20 min by walk from mango! To get such a nice place and convenient place to stay in blore is really a great thing. I must say we were really really lucky. The facilities except for food were good. We had posh rooms, attached posh toilets, hot water heaters and the room was cleaned by the maids almost daily =) the food, esp the dinner was bad! But then everything can rarely be good at a place, something should be compromised. Half a month we had a roomie and rest of the time we were the only ones.

The weekends were the best part of the stay! Visited almost all the malls. Went to mantri mall for continuously 3 days and got sick of it! Forum mall and a ccd nearby it where we had a get together and spend hr's talking without being kicked out =) Another get together with family and inception movie in theatre! Bangalore central, big bazaar and the Rs.5 tender coconuts near silk board! Brigade road and Kfc where I couldn't eat because of my stomach's horrible state!

Barbeque nations was one of the awesome food places we went to. Took a little wandering around to reach the place but the 12hr fast and wandering was totally worth it in the end! A food buffet with awesome collection of food which tasted excellent and the hospitality was excellent too! Wised we had extra stomachs to taste all the stuff they provided. Moghal treat, a place near mango where we sometimes had our lunch. The best part about this place was the waiter who made it a point to always smile before he went to any table! And it had funny dishes like 'kastury kabab' :P Grilled sandwiches in ganesh juice centre(juices were bad here) was another awesome lunch option. But since I dint like having sandwiches for lunch, I would usually have curd rice in Krishna sagar, the place which gave stomach problems. Would never mind walking an extra mile to eat the freshly prepared paani puris near M.K Ahemed's(a supermarket, timepass hangout).

The last two days of the stay we did a lot..Drank tea from a road side gudanngadi in small cups which looked like vodka shots, sang out loud while walking on the street, went to sher khan late in the evening and ate a full grilled chicken, clicked crazy videos, got a superb sendoff, Mango t-shirts as mementos. How could they guess we wanted them? And the final goodbye's with mixed emotions.

This was One of my best vacations ever and best ever Bangalore trip. Fun, learning, good experience etc. it had everything. Thanks again to Bangalore king, aunty, uncle, google maps & Bangalore latlong service which helped us reach our dest correctly(well, most of the times) and mango for letting us intern there.